In telephone coaching, I can help you to focus on situations in your life that are draining your life force, and encourage you to create support systems that will enable your success. I can provide counseling and support for you to feel safe in making needed changes. I can work with you using imagery to envision better outcomes, and to begin to create them!

I am especially focused on helping you to eliminate “energy drains” from your daily life, so that you can move into your power fully and forever. I believe that humor is essential, and with it, we can get through anything – and we do!

A “gland-challenged” person myself, I specialize in health promotion, sharing emotional support and tools for thriving.

As a Certified Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing and a Certified Holistic nurse, I have worked in collaboration with Richard Shames MD for 30 years (and am still amazingly young!).

My work occurs on many levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) for those who are open and receptive to promoting healthy change. It can be quick, easy, and fun!

I complement the work you may be doing with Dr. Rich Shames. I can help you figure out why your program of vitamins and medicines may not be doing their very best job. Working together with both of us can speed up your recovery.

I encourage people to take charge of their life and their health, to be assertive in commanding better health care from professionals, and to live each day with joy.

In the office, I also help you focus on eliminating stress and enhancing your energy, making better decisions and creating greater health. In addition to counseling and health promotion, I use my hands as a therapeutic touch practitioner with extensive training. Many people feel energized and much more complete using these energetic interventions.

I look forward to serving your health needs.