I notice that Karilee Shames is available to do mind-body health coaching. What is that? and what does it cost?

Karilee's work is viewed as an extension of the more medically-oriented work of Dr. Rich, wherein she makes herself available via phone for those who wish to discuss emotional / spiritual / energetic challenges from hormone imbalance. As a longstanding low-thyroid person herself, as well as a Certified Holisitic Nurse and Certified Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing, Karilee has worked with this condition, and its many faces, for almost 30 years. She is gifted in helping people access their emotional blocks, even via telephone, and in supporting assertive communications and healthy decision-making that will enable hormone sufferers to feel better more of the time. Her health care consultations emphasize self-care aspects and empowerment. A 50 minute phone or office session with Karilee Shames is $150.