Greetings - Thyroid Mind Power (the Book) Publication

Greetings to all who are awaiting the arrival of our new book, Thyroid Mind Power.  As of early February, 2011 the final manuscript and cover art corrections went to the printer.  The presses are scheduled to roll in Mid-April, with delivery to bookstores at the end of the month.  We hope you are as excited as we are.  This will be the culmination of two and a half years' work.

Our goal was to bring to light some of the previously under-reported information about the massively important thyroid connection to mental health.  We hope to help some of the millions of thyroid affected people who were wrongly given a psychological diagnosis and wrongly placed on psychological medicines. Moreover, there are a great many additional thyroid sufferers who have the common annoying everyday ups and downs, anxieties, memory loss, sleep trouble, or cravings of hormone imbalance. These people are not mis-diagnosed, as often as they are simply un-diagnosed.  Mild thyroid imbalance could be the total cause of much of this distress, with its easy inexpensive total solution.

If you are interested in all this, why not go to right now to order Thyroid Mind Power.  It will take you just a minute's time, plus you will be registering your vote that this topic seems important to you.