Show This to Your Doctor : A Heartfelt Message from a Concerned GP Focusing on Thyroid Restoration

To my Colleagues,Here is a useful clinical pearl. It comes from 40 years starting at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, & NIH; then in government-funded community health centers, followed by decades in private practice.Thyroid imbalance can be as complex and as difficult to manage as diabetes. It deserves our full creative attention.One over – rated test (TSH alone) is not able to provide a complete diagnosis.One over – rated medicine (levothyroxine alone) is far from optimal treatment.Like diabetes, thyroid imbalance is frequently a serious multi – system auto immune glandular disease. Left untreated, it can lead to devastating illness. Incompletely treated, it can limit livelihood, wreck relationships, decrease motivation, and destroy lives.A compelling literature now exists as to more accurate panels of testing, and more successful methods of treatment.Finally, and most importantly:The goal of our treatment is not simply to normalize lab values -- It is to restore our patients to full healthy lives. With kindest regards,Richard L. Shames, MD