What is the difference between a health coaching session and in-person medical office visit to Dr. Shames?

When you come into the medical office as a patient, you are being treated as a medical patient of the office. However, Dr. Shames has very limited office hours. When you sign up for health coaching with Dr. Shames, you are receiving health education to help you guide your local practitioner better in evaluating and treating your condition; no Dr.-patient relationship exists with the coaching option. The coaching session are valuable in a different way; you receive the full advantage of Dr. Shames vast experience, can fax him your recent lab results, and get his impression of your status and your best options for the future. Keep in mind that even as a medical office patient, you are required to be working with a primary care doctor; Dr. Shames works solely as a health care consultant regarding your possible hormone imbalances. Office fees are significantly higher in person, and must be paid at the time of booking your in-person office appointment, though often you can be reimbursed for partial expenses. You will not receive reimbursement for health coaching. Still, we considering coaching the model for the future, and often people can get coaching must sooner than an office appointment. - We view this option as a way to help you advocate for better health care for yourself and loved ones.