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Hormone Supplements

To help supplement your hormone levels back to normal we offer specially designed pharmaceutical grade products that are hypo-allergenic, and the highest-grade ingredients and have been formed to be well-targeted for hormone health.

You will begin to feel yourself once again.

Hormone Testing

We favor easy to use hormone & neuro-transmitter test kits to report your metabolic levels. Using state-of-the-art lab facilities these at-home sample collection test kits are clinically proven to provide a more complete assessment of your brain & body levels than a traditional blood draw.

WomanPower Radio Show

Listen & participate by calling into the Live Broadcast, Mondays, 12 Noon Eastern time / 9 am Pacific Time – To hear the live broadcast click the ON THE AIR button on the website to hear Drs. Karilee and Richard Shames W4CS Radio

Enjoy the archive of previous week episodes. Download previous recordings stored on the WOMAN POWER archive.

Our Latest Book: Thyroid Mind Power


For anyone hormonally imbalancd, these sites represent our best advice:

What We Offer:
Education and Better Treatment

For problems of Low Thyroid (hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis), High Thyroid (hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease), Low Adrenal (adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency),  High Adrenal (adrenal cortex excess, adrenalitis),  Low Estrogen, Low Testosterone (sex gland sluggishness, gonadal insufficiency), plus issues of High Estrogen, High Testosterone  (sex gland excess, gonadal excess).

Our Latest Book: Thyroid Mind Power

One out of every ten Americans has some degree of Thyroid imbalance. Even mild imbalances can cause mental and emotional symptoms.

This ground-breaking book offers new hope for millions suffering as a result of improper diagnosis or inadequate treatment of thyroid issues.

The book pinpoints the connection between thyroid imbalance and conditions such as depression, anxiety, memory loss, sleep disturbance, and cravings or addictions.

It offers simple proven remedies, both prescription and natural. This program shows readers how to uncover a thyroid cause for any mental symptoms you may be experiencing, using the superior home testing technology.

Discover your thyroid mind-type (Moody, Edgy, Foggy, Sleepy, Needy) and its best treatments using sensible lifestyle choices in addition to recommended vitamins and prescriptions.

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