Our Mission: to Help You Get Healthy and Live a Fuller Life Today

Fatigue, depression, weight gain, high cholesterol, low sex function, insomnia, anxiety, attention deficit, and severe menopause are common health challenges today. Yet generally, they are NOT the true culprit.

Evidence is mounting that a spiraling epidemic is catching tens of millions in its escalating whirl. It drains our life force, then dumps us – unceremoniously – into doctors’ offices.

If our lab tests show normal, we may be blamed for not eating right, not thinking right, not getting enough exercise. We are given pills that obscure the real problem, leaving us vainly searching for our former fuller lives.

Didn’t Your Doctor Tell You About Metabolic Gland Imbalance?

What often lies at the he art of these various diagnoses, with hundreds of related symptoms, is one underlying common cause: Metabolic gland imbalance, now in epidemic proportions.

Experts concur that one in ten Americans have some degree of endocrine gland disruption, where the various glands that are supposed to work together in harmony (such as thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands) become depleted or confused, altering their hormonal output, wreaking havoc on our lives.

There is Really No Reason to Suffer with Gland Disruption!

As a committed doctor-nurse team, we know that it can be fixed. And as two people, like you, who have metabolic gland imbalance (as do all three of our children), we know how much better you can feel.

We have written our book “Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?” and created this website, so that you can go from Fat, Fuzzy Or Frazzled to Fit, Focused and Fabulous!

Our commitment is to walk this path with you, to help you take the steps- via our book, website, and coaching- to end gland disruption and reclaim your full vitality so that you can live your fullest life, with passion and purpose. Thank you for allowing us to support your health journey.